Our Ingredient Policy

Human and Bunny Friendly Ingredients and Products

Always 100% Cruelty-Free

Our professional makeup ranges for our courses use only brands that are 100% cruelty-free and do not test either their products or ingredients on animals.  We are completely bunny friendly.

Free From Toxins

We teach only using products free from the following skin nasties – Petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin, talc, parabens, SLS’s, lanolin, lead, heavy metals, propylene glycol and formaldehyde.

Vegan & Free From Animal Ingredients

All of the products we use, recommend and teach with are completely vegan and free from all animal, animal by-product and insect ingredients. 

Our Ethics and Green Friendly Policy

Make Up is about working with a beautiful, natural canvas and creating magic. Whether it’s for  Bride’s big day, and editorial photoshoot or a night out, make up should not only look good and feel good on your face – it should be good! And by good we mean full of healthy, green and beneficial ingredients and no nasty toxins. We will never put unnecessary or harsh chemicals on our models just because a particular makeup brand chooses to use them. 

We choose only the best products on the market from high end to high street and also great indie brands. Our make up brands are all results based, we teach using them because they work, are of professional quality and give a flawless photo proof finish that lasts. As a small business, we believe in supporting other small businesses so use many UK based makeup and cosmetic suppliers, as well as bigger brands.

Our company is green friendly so we ensure all product packaging is recycled, keep paper to a minimum and even purchase our teas, coffees, and snacks from local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint. We keep electricity to a minimum with energy saving bulbs, our kettle boils one cup at a time to save electricity waste and we have full on-site recycling. 

Doing our bit for our wonderful planet!