26th October 2017

Why Choose Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Did you know every year over 100 million animals are cruelly tested on to check cosmetic ingredients? Once they have outlived their usefulness they are put down.
Why would this affect you? 
Well, if you are buying makeup and cosmetics from certain brands then your money is going towards funding unnecessary animal testing. Choosing cruelty-free means your money goes to companies that test ethically and don’t harm furbabys. 
In Europe the cosmetics directive legislation was passed to phase out animal testing and, as of 2013,  animal testing within the EU was outlawed. However, there is still a loophole.
Many large cosmetics houses will still have finished products tested on animals outwith the EU, then still sell the products in Europe. 
Some of the big brands you may be familiar with including Loreal, Estee Lauder and GlaxoSmithKline still pay parties to test cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients on their behalf. Any goods you buy from them have resulted in little furry creatures being inhumanely treated. 
Choosing to buy your personal care and beauty products from ethical companies helps to send the message that testing on animals for cosmetic purposes IS NOT OK. It’s you doing your bit for a kinder planet.
Is it hard to buy cruelty free
Not at all. There are hundreds of great ethical brands to choose from globally. A few of our favourites which are cruelty-free and vegan are Arbonne International, Oh My Glitter, Fairy Pants, Lily Lolo (not all vegan), Deciem The Ordinary (not all vegan), Lime Crime and The Beauty Bakerie(not all vegan).
How can I check if a company tests on animals?
The first thing I suggest is a quick Google search of the company and is it cruelty free. Then check who the parent company is and check they are cruelty free. So for example while Urban Decay does not test, it’s profits go towards it’s parent company Loreal who does test.
Another great resource is the Logical Harmony cruelty free list, click here.
Why should I care if my products come from a company that tests?
This is an entirely personal opinion so I don’t have a specific answer 🙂
Nowadays there are humane ways to test new ingredients that come onto the market without animals. More companies are also enlisting human testers since it’s essentially us human’s wearing the finished product, so who better to test on? 
By choosing cruelty-free products YOU are taking a stand against testing on fluffy bunnies!
As a Mumma to my furbaby Dexter, the french bulldog, I couldn’t imagine anyone hurting my little pooch by unnecessarily putting cosmetics on him. I would rather test them myself thank you.
At Love Enigma, we use only 100% cruelty-free products and teach our students about them. It’s always a personal choice but I believe in people being informed about their choices 🙂 
What are your thoughts on animal testing on cosmetics? Are any of you cruelty-free with your personal care products?
Your Beauty & Makeup Expert,
Kirsty x